Innovation platform and cluster focusing on technology and developments in the offshore sector.

We lay the foundation for blue growth and sustainable solutions.


OffshoreVäst is a cluster run by its more than 80 members, consisting of representatives from private companies, higher education institutions and government organisations. Together we provide a wide network of different experts who can offer new contacts and generate potential business:

We accomplish this through collaboration, networking, meetings and project development.
Clear focus on renewable energy, offshore technology as we tackle the challenges of a global energy transition through fit-for-purpose marine technology solutions.
We pursue projects involving digitalisation, subsea technologies, and service and maintenance in order to promote growth in blue energy throughout the sector.

Broad expertise in marine technology, research and project management
A dynamic structure allows us to quickly build networks around
specific focus areas based on our members’ needs.
OffshoreVäst can evolve as new needs arise. We stay updated within our focus areas and networks so that we can remain at the forefront of development.

As a member of OffshoreVäst, you don’t pay any fees. Instead, membership is based on voluntary commitment in which active participation brings more opportunities – both for you and the advancement of Swedish industry. Through the cluster, you get the chance to make new contacts for collaboration as well as discover new business opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

The Innovation process

Step by step

Our innovation process is divided into six steps which you can read more about below. Each step is linked to the following one, however the actual process may differ depending on the project scope.


We actively monitor the business environment and share findings with
our members through newsletters, seminars, workshops and individual
meetings. We also participate in various forums in Sweden and abroad,
such as Ocean Energy Sweden, ETIP Ocean and ETIP Wind, to raise
awareness of the sector’s conditions and needs.


The content of our meetings revolves around the requirements,
challenges, opportunities and industry trends
our members consider important.


As a result of our market intelligence and
workshops, we often initiate shorter feasibility
studies that leverage our networks
and partners both in Sweden and abroad.


We pursue continued participation in
national programmes and EU funding.
We also support members by guiding
them to different funding sources and
risk capital programmes in the innovation
support system.


Test beds verify functionality and help to ensure
more rapid time-to-market. Testing can be done with
the support of Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg,
SSPA, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, or the Kristineberg
Marine Research and Innovation Centre.


An invention becomes an innovation only after it is put into use. You
can get support for commercialisation from organisations like Business
Region Göteborg, Innovatum Science Center or RISE SMF Support.

Network, Meetings and Trade fairs

In the OffshoreVäst community, we discuss possible answers to common questions and explore opportunities for collaboration within the cluster. The offshore sector has a crucial role to play in the transition away from fossil-fuel use. It helps to drive development – and business growth – forward.

This is why we initiate meetings at company premises and other interesting destinations, such as testing and demo environments.

By becoming a member of OffshoreVäst, you can gain visibility both online and in real life. We take part in trade fairs and conferences, both in Sweden and abroad.

Project development

We offer project support every step of the way
• We initiate feasibility studies that make development and funding opportunities possible, both nationally and internationally.
• We make test beds available to verify the technology, and together accelerate the innovation process.
• We provide expertise in both project management and technology.
• Our extensive global network of contacts gives you the opportunity to discover new markets and partners.


OffshoreVäst operates globally and has close contact with clusters and organisations in other countries.

  • This way, we can promote common interests. Cross-border contacts often give rise to innovative new development projects and business opportunities.
  • Within the EU, we facilitate collaboration with other clusters and supply chains and can help our members seek funding.
  • We are also working to make international test beds available to
    our members and make region supply chains more robust on the global arena.

Process management

Focus areas
Health care organisation
Process management
Innovation and applied research

Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

Focus areas
Research projects backed by HEIs
Student & PhD projects
Offshore Academy
Linked to other universities

Lysekils Kommun

Focus area
Testing and demos
Permitting questions
Kristineberg Centre
Municipal contact


Focus area
Incubator and arena
for entrepreneurship
Science Park

Business Region Göteborg

Focus area
Business growth
Municipal contact